I always discuss with clients the level of editing that they desire. I can offer anything from light proofreading to heavy copyediting.

I can correct grammar and punctuation errors, proofread for typos, flag awkward or confusing sentences, and ensure style and formatting consistency. I look not only for incorrect grammar usage, but also for usage that may be technically correct but logically or syntactically confusing. I flag such usage and suggest possible rewording. I can rewrite sentences and paragraphs in order to improve organization and clarity.

As a proofreader, I can ensure that your final layout is clean and professional. I notice extra spaces between sentences, hyphens that are used in place of en-dashes, orphans and widows, and inconsistent formatting. I have access to Adobe Indesign CS5.

If you have a preferred style guide, I can ensure that your text conforms to it. I have experience with CMOS, AP, APA, and MLA, and I am always happy to learn something new.